. Local law enforcement, operating with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and a lot of grant money, are conducting their annual holiday crackdown on DUI.  They’ve been conducting checkpoints and extra “saturation” patrols throughout Orange County. Thursday, December 30 DUI Checkpoint – 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. in Laguna Hills DUI “Saturation Patrol” 8 p.m. […]


I was asked a question the other day about what could happen to their son if he got wrapped up in his friends’ “beer run” shoplifting case and they now are facing burglary charges.  What happens to a guy who is waiting in the car when his buddies come running out, shouting “go, go, go!” […]


Everything is online these days. You can search online for arrest warrants through the Orange County Sheriff’s Department “eServices” website. Arrest warrant check in Orange County Note that this may not be 100% accurate, since it may not include all bench warrants that were recently issued or ones that have not yet hit the computer […]


Once somebody is arrested and booked into jail on criminal charges, a bail amount will be set.  In Orange County, there is a bail schedule that is generally followed unless there are factors to increase or decrease the bail – or in some cases allow a defendant to be released on their written promise to […]


Many people think that juvenile convictions (technically called “adjudications”) and juvenile records are automatically sealed once you turn 18.  Unfortunately, that’s not true.  While juvenile proceedings are generally confidential, the records and convictions do not just go away once you (or your child) turn 18. There are procedures though, where I can petition the court […]


I know – especially now with the economy the way it is, being the best applicant for a job gives you the best chance.  How can you compete with a past criminal record?  What about having to disclose past convictions for things like rental applications?  How can you get prior convictions off your record?  It […]


I have spoken with several people who have asked what the differences between petty theft, shoplifting and burglary are.  While all these theft crimes are related, how they’re charged, what the prosecution must prove and the consequences vary, depending on the charge. Petty Theft (Penal Code section 484 or 488) This is a “basic” theft […]

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Domestic violence charges and defenses

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There are several “domestic violence” charges in California.  How they are treated and what your defenses are depend on the charge you face. Penal Code section 273.5 This is the “standard” domestic violence charge.  In order to prove this charge, the prosecution must prove that there was a willful infliction of a “corporal injury” that […]


Interacting with the police

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Another recent post sparked a comment and question from a visitor to my site.  He asked, “What orders of action can I refuse and what orders of actions am I required to perform?”  I get asked this question in various forms all the time. The answer depends on what your legal status is at that […]


Fingerprint evidence found to be faulty

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From the Los Angeles Times website, an article from October 17, 2008 exposed at least two people wrongly accused of a crime based on improper fingerprint comparison.  An internal report was obtained by the LA Times that brought to light the cases where charges were eventually dropped after it was determined that the fingerprints from […]


DUI Basics

by admin on September 10, 2008 · 6 comments

In California, drunk driving can be charged under two separate, but related sections in the Vehicle Code. Section 23152(b) is the charge for driving with a blood alcohol level equal to or above 0.08%. Even if a person is driving perfectly – no weaving, speeding or other violations of the Vehicle Code, they can still […]